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In the beginning…

In 2011, I watched as my wife, Cindy completed her very first 5k, sponsored by a church in the Plano, Texas area. At the time, I had added a regimented walking routine to my daily activities but running was out of the question. I thought, there is no way this guy could run for any length of time and that was just the way it was going to be. A few months later Cindy decided to sign up for her second 5k run, sponsored by Luke’s Locker in Allen, Texas called Trek or Treat. Several months before the race, she met up with a number of other runners all getting ready to prepare for this race. I decided to join her but only with the idea that I would walk while she did her running thing.

Then I met Jim, one of those guys who share a word or two with you that changes your life forever. Those words to me were “Hey, were heading down hill, you might as well run.” So I did, I ran that short downhill section and that was the beginning of an amazing transformation in my life.

As the weeks progressed I decided to run a little farther until the day came I ran an entire mile without stopping, it was a miracle, I mean amazing, how could this guy who was in his mid 40’s become a runner for the first time in his life? Week after week I continued to increase my distance, Jim and the other runners coaching and encouraging me along the way. I decided to sign up for the Trek or Treat 5k and participate with Cindy in this event. That was my very first race and a major accomplishment in my life. I was stronger and fitter than I had been in years and felt great knowing I could do something at this stage of my life that would have a positive impact for years to come.

After completing the Trek or Treat 5k I was hooked. I wanted to continue running and so I did. By nature I am a very spontaneous and adventurous person and these characteristics came into play with my running as well. I found that while I could run the same routes week after week, that this was, well…pretty boring. I wanted to get out and see some things and what better way than to put on my running shoes and head out somewhere and explore. This led me to visit many locations including the Katy Trail, White Rock Lake, Arbor Hill Nature Preserve, Chisholm Trail and many other places, each one providing its own sense of excitement and challenge. I soon came to realize that combining both running and my sense of adventure invigorated me to stick with running and enjoy this place I call home.

With a couple of years behind me and a number of exciting races now completed, I started to get a sense that I may not be the only person who enjoys a sense of adventure and who might like to blend that with their love of running. This is where the idea for Venture Runs came from, a place for other runners in the North Dallas area to learn about running events in interesting and adventurous locations. It could become a place where I would post some location I would be running at and others could come along and join in the adventure.

Let the adventure begin, I hope you choose to come along.

Greg Paskal
Lead Adventurer