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Running with Safety in Mind

I’m an optimist by nature and when you blend that with my passion as an adventure it can lead to some exciting experiences. Yet I am not naive and realize that unplanned events happen and as a runner, it’s not hard to imagine a person out for a run possibly needing some help someday.

One of the first pieces of gear I added to my running tech was a form of identification. I initially ran with contact information tucked in my running belt but soon realized if an emergency happened, I wanted certain information known by First Responders to ensure I would get the proper medical care. For some, that might be basic contact information of a family member but in my case, I needed to include specific information regarding medication allergies. Either way, I believe it’s important for all runners to carry some type of identification to assist others that may need to care for them in the event of a real emergency.

There are a number of products that can be excellent choices in meeting this need; the one I chose is called Road ID ( The general concept behind Road ID is a runner wears a wristband that contains basic contact information (Name, Address, Contact Information). Additionally, Road ID provides a website to record other contact and medical details including primary physician, any allergies you might have to medications, foods, etc. You can also record additional people to be contacted incase your primary contact is not available. Optionally located on the Road ID wristbands is a phone number and website specifically for emergency purposes. A First Responder would simply call this number or go to the website and enter the serial number and PIN located on your Road ID wristband and be provide details that could save your life.

road_id_exampleThe Road ID wristbands come in a variety of colors and materials. I chose the Wrist ID Elite for $29.99 because of the material it’s made from would be good, rain or shine, mud or dry conditions. All Road ID wristbands can be purchased two ways, Original or Interactive. The main difference is the Interactive option comes with access to Road ID’s website, where you store additional details that can be accessed by a First Responder in an emergency via a phone call or website. For $10 per year, this additional, Interactive feature is money well spent from my perspective.

Road ID comes in a variety of colors with a host of add-ons such as badges, etc. I highly recommend this product to my running friends as a smart piece of tech to begin running with right away.

Learn more about Road ID at the following website…

Run Safely…

Greg Paskal
Lead Adventurer

Running with Tech

Ok, I admit it, I’m a Techie through and through and that includes when I run. Like many folks, I started by simply using my iPhone while running but soon experimented with a number of Apps, heart monitor and a Bluetooth watch.

Looking forward to writing a number of articles explaining how I came about using the various tech I run with and what you should know if your are looking to add some tech to your running.